Thanks for keeping her in such great shape!! Metal & gelcoat look incredible Soo glad we found you guys!!  Thanks for all your hard work: josh, lia, and Chris.       Francisco bussano 45' beneteau. "Almost There" MDR

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BOAT wash price

We use only the highest quality products & hand dry all surfaces with microfiber towels or chamois

       Weekly        Bi-Weekly        Monthly        One Time

 Up to 25'                  $22.50        $32.50          $69              $89

 Up to 32'                  $30              $45               $79              $99

 Up to 42'                  $45              $60               $109            $129

 Up to 52'                  $55              $95               $139            $159

 Over 52'              Please call & tell us about your boat for pricing


  *For gel coat, compounding/waxing, or wood service please call for estimate.  For our best price, we need to see the current condition of your vessel. Your estimate normally within an hour. 

** If you require a Monthly Invoice through snail mail, There is a $3 fee.‚Äč